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Pay Your Dues Online

The Assessments are due on the 1st of January each year in the amount of $275.00 . Late fees begin to accumulate after the 30th of the month and will escalate up to a Lien and possible Foreclosure if not paid timely. Please make your check payable to Oak Hollow of Anna and mail to the address below.

Mail a Check

    Oak Hollow of Anna
    P.O. Box 61683
    Phoenix, AZ 85082-1683
    You may also have your assessments auto drafted from your account annually. Please email info@themacgroupco.com to enroll.

Pay by Credit Card or E-Check

Oak Hollow of Anna HOA - Make a Payment
MAC Group Property Management homeowners
can make their payment online

Please note: Credit Card payments cannot be cancelled or modified once submitted. A convenience fee may be charged by the BANK for credit card payment requests. The specific amount of such convenience fee will be displayed on the screen at the time of payment. Some portion thereof may be paid to other parties to offset their operating costs. You may cancel the credit card payment transaction if you do not wish to pay the convenience fee. Payments may take up to 5 business days to be posted to your account. In order to avoid late charges, payment should be submitted 5-7 business days prior to your due date. Payments are processed Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Authorized charges to your credit card account will be processed for the amount indicated above including convenience fees. Payment collected (excluding convenience fees collected for BANK) will be deposited to the checking account of your PROPERTY, maintained with the BANK, and will be reported to, its managing agent or designated representative in a timely manner.